Homeland Security Council

What the Council Does

Wisconsin’s Homeland Security Adviser and 16 member council is responsible for advising the governor, coordinating state and local prevention and response efforts, and producing periodic reports on the state of homeland security in Wisconsin. The council works with local, state, federal, and tribal agencies, non-governmental organizations, and private industry to improve citizen and community preparedness. The governor is responsible for appointing council members. Additionally, a member of the governor’s staff is invited to attend and participate at each meeting.

By appointment of the Governor, the Adjutant General of the Wisconsin National Guard serves as Wisconsin’s Homeland Security Adviser and chairs the Homeland Security Council.

The Council meets monthly, on the third Wednesday of each month. Meetings may last approximately 2 hours and include closed and open session portions. Members of the public are encouraged to attend the council’s open sessions.

Announcements of meetings are posted on this site, in the lobby of the Wisconsin Department of Military Affairs, and on the State Capitol’s bulletin board. Due to scheduling conflicts and real-world events, meetings may be scheduled on different dates or occur more frequently. Generally speaking, however, the Council meets twelve times over the course of a year.

16 July 2019 Homeland Security Council Meeting

HLS Meeting Agenda – 16 July 2019


2019 Governor’s Cybersecurity Summit

2019 Governor’s Cybersecurity Summit Registration Now Open


19 June 2019 Homeland Security Council Meeting


16 May 2019 Homeland Security Council Meeting


17 April 2019 Homeland Security Council Meeting

HLS Meeting Agenda – 17 April 2019
HLS Meeting Minutes – 17 April 2019

Wisconsin Homeland Security logo

19 March 2019 Homeland Security Council Meeting

HLS Meeting Agenda – 19 Mar 2019
HLS Meeting Minutes – 19 March 2019


16 January 2019 – Homeland Security Council Meeting

HLS Meeting Agenda – 16 Jan 2019
HLS Meeting Minutes – 16 Jan 2019


Registration Open – 2019 Governor’s Conference

2019 Governor’s Conference on Emergency Management & Homeland Security March 21-22, 2019 Kalahari Resorts & Conventions, Wisconsin Dells, WI REGISTER NOW !


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