Executive Order #6 and Re-creation of the WI Homeland Security Council

Every non-statutory committee or council created by executive order of the governor expires at the end of each gubernatorial term of office unless the new governor, by executive order, provides for its continued existence.   The Wisconsin Homeland Security Council was recently re-created by Governor Scott Walker.  New members have been appointed to fill vacancies; however, the structure – consisting of 13 members and chaired by the Wisconsin Homeland Security Advisor – remains the same.

One significant change was made to the Council’s schedule.  It will now meet quarterly, on the third Wednesday of a designated month within each quarter.  Meetings may last approximately 4 hours and include closed and open session portions.

Announcements of meetings will be posted on this site, in the lobby of the Wisconsin Department of Military Affairs, and on the State Capitol’s bulletin board.  Due to scheduling conflicts and real-world events, meetings may be scheduled on different dates or occur more frequently.  Generally speaking, however, the Council will meet four times over the course of a year.

Interested in the executive order text?  Click on the link below.

Executive Order #6