2012 Wisconsin Homeland Security Council Annual Report

Wisconsin’s Homeland Security Advisor and 13 member Council is responsible for advising the governor, coordinating state and local prevention and response efforts, and producing periodic reports on the state of homeland security in Wisconsin. The Council works with local, state, federal, and tribal agencies, non-governmental organizations, and private industry to improve citizen and community preparedness. The governor is responsible for appointing Council members. Additionally, a member of the governor’s staff is invited to attend and participate at each meeting.

In 2011, the Council changed its meeting structure from monthly to quarterly and extended the meeting time to four hours. This longer meeting structure allows the Council to discuss homeland security issues in greater depth. Additionally, the Council created work groups that meet in between regular meetings and focus on strategic goals. Often, officials from non-member agencies and non-governmental organizations attend to gather information about homeland security issues. Additionally, the Council provides an official report to the governor each year during one of its public meetings.

The 2012 Annual Report on Wisconsin Homeland Security

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