2013 Wisconsin Homeland Security Council Annual Report

2013 HSC Annual Report ImageThe purpose of this annual report is to advise and educate the public on the activities, objectives, and achievements of the Homeland Security Council (HSC).

Wisconsin’s Homeland Security Advisor and the 15 member Council is responsible for advising the governor, coordinating state and local prevention and response efforts, and producing periodic reports on the state of homeland security in Wisconsin. The Council works with local, state, federal, and tribal agencies, non-governmental organizations, and private industry to improve citizen and community preparedness. The governor is responsible for appointing Council members. Additionally, a member of the governor’s staff is invited to attend and participate at each meeting.
Wisconsin’s HSC was initially created by Executive Order #7 on March 18, 2003 to address the State’s ability to prepare for and respond to threats to Wisconsin’s homeland security. The initial council was set at seven members to include the Wisconsin Homeland Security Advisor, Department of Transportation – Division of Wisconsin State Patrol, Department of Health Services – Division of Public Health, Department of Military Affairs – Wisconsin Emergency Management, Department of Justice – Division of Criminal Investigations, Department of Administration – Capitol Police, and the Office of Justice Assistance.

The 2013 Annual Report on Homeland Security

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