2014 Wisconsin Homeland Security Council Annual Report

The Wisconsin Homeland Security Council is pleased to present the 2014 Annual Report on Wisconsin Homeland Security as well as the Final Report on the Council as required under Section 14.019 of the Wisconsin Statutes. In the last twelve months, the State of Wisconsin has faced a variety of hazards. These challenges have been addressed in a professional, proactive, and positive manner by Wisconsin’s public safety and first responder community. This Report highlights the coordinated and collaborative efforts occurring across state government with local, tribal, and federal partners to prepare for and respond to all hazards in Wisconsin. The Report summarizes new and ongoing efforts of the Council, state agencies, federal, tribal, and local partners as well as members of the public and private sectors to improve homeland security, public health, and emergency management within Wisconsin. Some examples include the advance preparation for potential Wisconsin outbreaks of the MERS-CoV and Ebola viruses, practical measures on the extreme cold during the winter of 2013/14 and the associated propane shortage, and the emphasis on cyber security awareness training for all state employees. Further, the Report provides an overview of the state and federal homeland security funding process.

The 2014 Annual Report on Homeland Security

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