Wisconsin hosts 3nd Annual Cyber Security Summit

Meeting Wisconsin’s Cybersecurity Challenges through Public and Private Partnerships

Last year, more than 3200 Wisconsin citizens were victims of cyber crime and law enforcement officials say that number continues to grow. It’s not only individuals are facing financial and data losses, businesses and government agencies have also fallen prey to cyber theft. That’s why the State of Wisconsin is hosting the 3rd annual Cyber Security Summit at Marquette University in Milwaukee, October 28, 2015.

The Wisconsin Cyber Security Summit is part of the October Cyber Awareness Month campaign. The summit unites leaders from business, industry, government and academia to discuss how the private and public sectors can work together to face the ongoing cyber threat, especially as it relates to our infrastructure (power, rail, pipeline, water systems, etc.).

Speakers at this year’s summit include Thomas MacLellan of FireEye Incorporated. He will discuss the detection of cyber threats and attacks impacting businesses and government. In addition, officials with SANS institute will review the latest methods to protect critical infrastructure. FBI agents will also highlight some of the recent cyber crime cases that have occurred in Wisconsin and discuss tactics and techniques to help businesses and government organizations better protect their systems and data from cyber threats.

The Cyber Summit will be held at Marquette University, Alumni Memorial Union, Monaghan Ballroom, 1442 West Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee. Registration for the annual conference is now being accepted at https://www.trainingwisconsin.org/index.aspx

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