2015 Wisconsin Homeland Security Council Annual Report

The 2015 Wisconsin Homeland Security Council is pleased to present the 2015 Annual Report on Wisconsin Homeland Security.  In the last year, the State of Wisconsin has encountered a variety of challenges requiring preparedness, awareness, and prompt, efficient response. In each case, the government systems and infrastructure in place have responded in professional, proactive, and positive ways. This report documents the coordination and collaboration of state government and local, tribal, and federal partners to meet these challenges as they arose.  Among the challenges faced by the State of Wisconsin were the outbreak of avian influenza in specific communities, the response to potential dangers surrounding the shipment of Bakken Crude Oil across the state, a critical shortage of natural gas affecting nearly all communities, and preparation in response to the Ebola outbreak in Africa. This report details the ways in which member agencies of the Wisconsin Homeland Security Council addressed these emerging issues and continued to respond to ongoing threats to homeland security.  This report provides an overview of new and continuing efforts of the Wisconsin Homeland Security Council, state agencies, federal, tribal, local partners, and private and public entities to maintain and improve homeland security, public health, and emergency management in the State of Wisconsin.

The 2015 Annual Report on Homeland Security

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