Executive Order # 6

Governor TONY EVERS Executive Order # 6 Relating to Recreating Non -Statutory Committees

WHEREAS, Section 14.019 (1) of the Wisconsin Statutes authorizes the

Governor, by executive order, to create and abolish non -statutory committees to conduct studies and advise the Governor;

WHEREAS, pursuant to Section 14.019 (1) (b) of the Wisconsin Statutes, each committee created by the prior administration shall expire on January 28, 2019, unless a new executive order is issued to provide for the committee’s continued existence;

WHEREAS, individuals now serving on such committees remain members until they resign, or until they are removed or replaced by action of the Governor; and

WHEREAS, such committees provide a valuable service to the people of the State of Wisconsin.

NOW THEREFORE, I, Tony Evers, Governor of the State of Wisconsin, by the

authority vested in me by the Constitution and the Laws of the State, do hereby recreate the following councils and committees, effective January 24, 2019, and require each council and committee to submit to me a final report, as required under Section 14.019 (5) of the Wisconsin Statutes:

1. Early Childhood Advisory Council

2. Bicycle Coordinating Council

3. Birth to Three Early Intervention Interagency Coordinating Council

4. Council on Autism

5. Council on Veterans Employment

6. Criminal Justice Coordinating Council

7. Governor’s Committee for People with Disabilities

8. Governor’s Council on Financial Literacy

9. Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Health

10. Governor’s Council on Workforce Investment

11. Governor’s Information Technology Executive Steering Committee

12. Governor’s Judicial Selection Advisory Council

13. Governor’s Juvenile Justice Commission

14. Historical Records Advisory Board

15. Homeland Security Council

16. Humanities Council

17. Independent Living Council of Wisconsin

18. State Rehabilitation Council

19. Telecommunications Relay Service Council

20. Wisconsin Coastal Management Council

21. Wisconsin Shared Services Executive Committee

22. Wisconsin Technology Committee

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